Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is Zero Point Healing?

After being an energy healer for 25 years I believe I can run zero point energy out of my finger tips. I have accomplished Instant pain free conditions because I can connect with Source energy and bring that power and frequency down to help others.

When I received first notice of the zero point AM wands, I was excited and hopeful that others could also use zero point energy to heal and would not have to go through so many years of training as I have.

I think this is a wonderful discovery and an easier way to make health changes for the better. Hundreds of people trying to find Amega Global Products and services such as the Amega AMwand.

The actual wand alone as you can see from the picture in this article, appears just like a pen. Solid state, it consists of a combination of granulated minerals produced through technologies known as AMized® Fusion. This particular proprietary technological know-how resonates from what’s referred to as zero point energy.

Zero point energy is a type of frequency that reminds cells inside the entire human body to move into a more healthy condition. There is no pain or dis-ease when in the presence of zero point energy.
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