Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zero Point Energy Healing Wands $100



This Zero Point Energy Healing Wands sells for $100 and is geared toward humans looking to align the body's chi and electrical meridian. Nano Energy Wand helps unblock the energy channels within the cells and tissues, which will expedite the body's natural healing process and can increase well being.

Based on the zero-point energy principle, the wand works with individual cells inside the body, it also specifically targets the immune as well as the nervous systems.

The Nano Energy wand looks like an ordinary pen except that it contains a balanced mixture of minerals intended to improve the body's chi via the meridian.

The Nano Wand contains 11 minerals, as well as crystals, and will tune into zero point energy, similar to a radio frequency it focuses that energy. It is used to balance the body's chi, expedite the healing process, and help the immune system. For test results put your palm up and do circles counter clockwise on finger tips and palm as close to the skin as possible to feel the energy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Zero Point Review

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Amegawand helps with pain and in the muscles and joints -
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This phone number is so significant - 951-262-3156
...that you will remember this day as one of the most important day in your life -- for the rest of your life...

Discovered 4 years ago after 20 years of research by quantum physicists.
One half a million happy users of the zero point wand in Singapore.

Zero Point solid state ion wand is arriving in the USA and Canada. The Product is available today while in per-launch

Prerecorded call: 951-262-3156 24 hours a day/7 days

Ten years of chronic pan can be permanently removed in only a minute or two by anyone who picks up this tiny zero point wand. Sounds like a magic wand of the days of old.

It is simply amazing!

Help others live pain free, Join Our Team - Earn a Health Living with Healing Techniques. Listen to the short call and then call us back 360-748-4426 and get help to get started.

Taylore and Roi
Chehalis, WA

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What is Zero Point Healing?

After being an energy healer for 25 years I believe I can run zero point energy out of my finger tips. I have accomplished Instant pain free conditions because I can connect with Source energy and bring that power and frequency down to help others.

When I received first notice of the zero point AM wands, I was excited and hopeful that others could also use zero point energy to heal and would not have to go through so many years of training as I have.

I think this is a wonderful discovery and an easier way to make health changes for the better. Hundreds of people trying to find Amega Global Products and services such as the Amega AMwand.

The actual wand alone as you can see from the picture in this article, appears just like a pen. Solid state, it consists of a combination of granulated minerals produced through technologies known as AMized® Fusion. This particular proprietary technological know-how resonates from what’s referred to as zero point energy.

Zero point energy is a type of frequency that reminds cells inside the entire human body to move into a more healthy condition. There is no pain or dis-ease when in the presence of zero point energy.
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