Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zero Point Energy Healing Wands $100



This Zero Point Energy Healing Wands sells for $100 and is geared toward humans looking to align the body's chi and electrical meridian. Nano Energy Wand helps unblock the energy channels within the cells and tissues, which will expedite the body's natural healing process and can increase well being.

Based on the zero-point energy principle, the wand works with individual cells inside the body, it also specifically targets the immune as well as the nervous systems.

The Nano Energy wand looks like an ordinary pen except that it contains a balanced mixture of minerals intended to improve the body's chi via the meridian.

The Nano Wand contains 11 minerals, as well as crystals, and will tune into zero point energy, similar to a radio frequency it focuses that energy. It is used to balance the body's chi, expedite the healing process, and help the immune system. For test results put your palm up and do circles counter clockwise on finger tips and palm as close to the skin as possible to feel the energy.

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